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Young people

Be sure to catch festival follow ups: They include mental health

Over the next 2 months, the home pages on this MHFE website and the equalitiestoolkit and healthy FE websites will contain a series of different Festival of #Identities follow-up box sets. Each explores a different aspect of identities through a pan-equalities lens and will be on show for 10 days only.

Healthy Universities Summer 2016 newsletter

Please find attached the Healthy Universities Summer 2016 newsletter. There are several articles of interest, including:

Back on Track Past Students' Success Stories

Part of the Back on Track box set, this video includes interviews with past students about how Back on Track helped their recovery by enabling them to acheive in learning.

This video is made available on our MHFE YouTube Channel with permission from the Highbury College/Headspace partnership that created Back on Track - thank you to Pam, Sue and the learners who share their stories.

Time to Change video: Stand Up Kid

In 2012, Time to Change piloted a special campaign for young people in the West Midlands area, starting with the release of Stand Up Kid, an online film that aims to change attitudes towards mental illness amongst 14-18 year olds.

The film shows teenager Michael coming back to school after being off with depression. Teased by his classmates, he takes a stand against the jokes and tells them what it really means to live with a mental health problem.

Effective learning opportunities for Young Adult Carers

Research conducted by NIACE and others, and widespread anecdotal evidence, suggests that young adult carers are prevented from effectively engaging in learning as a direct result of their caring responsibilities.  The consequences of this are severe, both at an individual level, for society and the economy.

Back on Track Current Learners' Stories (2010)

This second Back on Track video from the Highbury College/Headspace partnership in Portsmouth includes interviews with:

Shift website and resources

This link will take you to the main Shift website. Shift  was set up in 2004  to tackle stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health issues in England. It  built on the mind out for mental health campaign, which ran from 2001 to April 2004 and was part of the National Mental Health Development Unit (NMHDU). NMHDU and Shift ceased on 31st March 2011.

Shift's work and the resources it produced focused on the following:


Key useful resources produced included:

Portsmouth Headspace & Highbury College Back on Track Videos are now on our YouTube channel

We are pleased to say that, with a bit of technical help from Highbury College (thanks Kerry), the two Back on Track videos launched at the conference in Portsmouth in 2010 are now available on our MHFE YouTube channel. If you are not already familiar with Back on Track you might also want to check out the Back on Track resources box set. 

Back on Track

This is the first year report from the pioneering Back on Track project developed in Portsmouth between Headspace Early Intervention Service and Highbury College. It inspired the Back on Track 2 project.

See all of the resources in the Back on Track collection


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