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Supporting different groups of learners

Safeguarding and suicide: A briefing paper for the Further Education and Skills sector

Having a member of staff or learner take their own life is a traumatic experience for peers to have to deal with. When events such as these occur in a close knit community, the repercussions are felt throughout the organisation both in the moment and several months later. Everyone is affected. It is often the first time young people experience the death of someone in their own age group.

CLMH research 3 tools - 1 sheet mental health self assessment template

This is a template used by providers that are involved in the BIS Community Learning Mental Health (CLMH) research (2015/17). It includes on a single sheet:

  • PHQ9 - depression
  • GAD7 - anxiety
  • Short WEMWBS - wellbeing (population tool)
  • the consent we use for the CLMH research project

These 3 self-assessment tools are widely available on the internet, including the NHS Choices website. All we have done for the purposes of the CLMH research is put them together on a single-sheet template. 

Back on Track Past Students' Success Stories

Part of the Back on Track box set, this video includes interviews with past students about how Back on Track helped their recovery by enabling them to acheive in learning.

This video is made available on our MHFE YouTube Channel with permission from the Highbury College/Headspace partnership that created Back on Track - thank you to Pam, Sue and the learners who share their stories.

How we should talk about mental health

Interesting article which covers issues such as stigma, criminality, suicide, appropriate terms, defining people and how to talk about mental health. http://ideas.ted.com/how-should-we-talk-about-mental-health/

Zoe: How a learner who has autism and dyslexia learner uses an iPad to help her to study.

Zoe, an autistic and dyslexic learner, describes the support provided by Northern College and how she used an Ipad to help her to complete her Access to HE Diploma in Social Sciences. She describes in detail how her personal support worker and the ipad helped her communicate, feel safe and boosted her confidence.

January 2013

I am really keen to investigate the way in which learners are coping after the Christmas break. Often after Christmas there is a natural low , getting back into the swing of learning, maybe exams or assessments and would be interested to find out how learning services like counselling and support are asked to address this in terms of their time planning? It might also be useful to see which type of counselling the learners might use, PCT, CBT or psychodynamic? Has anyone any experience in looking at this? 

Recipe for Success: The e-resource

When the team at Hackney Community College won the Association of Colleges Beacon Award (2010) for Widening Participation for its work  with students with mental health problems they decided to share their award with the sector by  commissioning a guide to effective practice.

'Recipe for Success' is the result. It is a collection of 'recipes' gathered together from 6  general further education (FE) colleges with established  provision to support  students (and staff) in FE  who have experience of mental health problems.

Recipe for Success - Sunderland College

 Image showing the cover of Sunderland College  additional section in Cooking up a Storm This page contains  additional information from Sunderland College as part of the Recipe for Success e-resource

Recipe for Success - Hackney Community College

Image showing the cover of Hackney Community College section in Cooking up a Storm

This page contains  Hackney Community College's recipe and additional information from the college as part of the Recipe for Success e-resource

Recipe for Success - Highbury College

Image showing the cover of Highbury College section in Cooking up a Storm This page contains  additional information from Highbury College in Portsmouth as part of the Recipe for Success e-resource


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