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Research/evidence of what works to improve wellbeing through learning

Covid-19 FE Rapid Response

 Landing page for the #C19 rapid response project, including the Padlet where we need you to share what you are doing.


Case Study - Memory Boards

This is how we make a difference to people who come on our adult learning courses.  This has been recorded by a learner and is in her own words

'Since starting on these creative courses, I have felt alot more confident to the point that I have now starting a volunteering job.

This time last year I was so depressed I struggled to leave the house on my own. For over 5 years I have struggled to do just the simplest things.

DfE Community Learning Mental Health Research 2015/16

Official BIS Briefing (October 2015)


  • The Autumn Statement announced £20 million over two years (£5m 2015-16 / £15m 2016-17) to pilot courses to help adults manage mild to moderate mental health problems.
  • We invited bids from directly-funded Community Learning providers (mostly Local Authority adult education services and FE colleges), which developed their proposals in conjunction with local mental health partners.

Therapeutic educaton

I am starting to looking into therapeutic education and to see if the use of this concept has led to an increase in awareness of well being, which has in turn increased a wllingness to accept that mental health issues can and do impact on learning. I am not sure if this was the intention or simply a welcome side effect? I would welcome any ideas/views  about this?

MHFE this week

Lots going on this week again, finalising the bulletin and working on a summary of recent articles on the impact of group work on learners with mental health issues. The preliminary findings appear to be that group work simply keeps learners occupied rather than make a real learning difference! Watch out for more.

Recipe for Success - Advanced Techniques

This extract from the Recipe for Success e-resource contains our initial analysis and conclusions based what we learned by working with the group of FE colleges who contributed to the resource.

Continuing the recipes analogy we had used to review and present different colleges ideas and provision,  we explored key ingredients (or components) that appeared to be shared across all of the colleges and then examined some of the issues that providers are currently facing.  

Recipe for Success - Hackney Community College

Image showing the cover of Hackney Community College section in Cooking up a Storm

This page contains  Hackney Community College's recipe and additional information from the college as part of the Recipe for Success e-resource

Transformation Fund: Disabled learners

This is one of  9 supplementary reports about projects funded in 2009/10 as part of the Labour government's £20 million ‘Transformation Fund’ (TF) to support innovative informal adult and community learning projects across England. Each report captures  outcomes for different learners, in different settings, enagaged in all sorts of learning opportunities. More than a million people participated in a wide variety of learning activities.  

Wellbeing gets political boost

Thanks to Al for this news item (which looks as though it got lost in a forum).

Discovering Potential: A practitioner's guide to supporting improved self-esteem and well-being through adult learning

Building confidence and a sense of well-being is increasingly being seen as a means of enabling learners to make the most of their potential and to participate more fully in society. But how do you it?

Discovering potential is a resource pack that supports practitioners and managers who work with adults with low self-esteem. It looks at:


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