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Learners and their demographic characteristics/social and economic circumstances

The personal circumstances of each learner which may influence their learning and the barriers people may experience in being able to access and/or succeed in learning and skills. They include:
Demographic characteristics (e.g. gender, age, ethnicity, disability, faith, sexual orientation, being a carer)
Their social circiumstances (e.g. relationships and social capital, housing, legal status, etc)
Their economic circumstances (e.g. employment status, income, welfare benefits, debt)

Race to Learning

Race to Learning offers practical guidance for supporting people from black and minority ethnic groups, who have mental health difficulties, to access and succeed in learning. It was developed  as part of the NIACE/LSC/ISCRI Mental Health Partnertship Programme of work in 2009/10.

Making the Connection: The Mental Health and Family Learning Pack

This archived resource pack, published in 2008, is aimed at managers and practitioners in adult learning, particularly family learning and mental health services who want to work in partnership to improve, set up or develop opportunities that promote access to family learning for adults experiencing mental health difficulties. The pack may also be useful for anyone interested in mental health and family learning.


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