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Health inequalities

Public Health England Health Profiles and online health profiles tool

The Health Profiles have been produced annually since 2006, providing a snapshot overview of health for each local authority in England. The aim of the Health Profiles has been to improve the availability and accessibility of health and health related information whilst helping local government and health services make plans to improve local people's health and reduce health inequalities.

Physical healthcare for people with mental health problems

Screenshot of the cover of DH publication: Physical healthcare for people with mental health problemsPublished on 20 May by Department of Health, Public Health England and NHS England,

World Report on Disability

Launched on 9th June 2011 by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the World Bank, is the first ever World report on disability.

Shift website and resources

This link will take you to the main Shift website. Shift  was set up in 2004  to tackle stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health issues in England. It  built on the mind out for mental health campaign, which ran from 2001 to April 2004 and was part of the National Mental Health Development Unit (NMHDU). NMHDU and Shift ceased on 31st March 2011.

Shift's work and the resources it produced focused on the following:


Key useful resources produced included:

The changing face of the NHS: promoting health and preventing illness?

It has been dubbed the biggest reorganisation in the history of the NHS. Under the Government's reforms for England, much of the health budget will be handed to GPs working in consortia. Public health will become the remit of local government, as will setting up health and wellbeing boards. So what of the NHS in this brave new world; and will the emphasis now be on prevention instead of cure?

Click here to access: "The changing NHS: promoting health and preventing illness?"

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