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DIY CPD training resources collection

A collection of resources in the virtual library that are designed to be used to deliver initial teacher training and/or staff development/training on mental health and wellbeing.

Be sure to catch festival follow ups: They include mental health

Over the next 2 months, the home pages on this MHFE website and the equalitiestoolkit and healthy FE websites will contain a series of different Festival of #Identities follow-up box sets. Each explores a different aspect of identities through a pan-equalities lens and will be on show for 10 days only.

MHFE Library: Volunteering in Adult Education Box Set

Curated box set curated by Helen Plant especially (but not only) for the DfE Adult Education | Mental Health Research Project (phase 2) | July 2016

Safeguarding and suicide: A briefing paper for the Further Education and Skills sector

Having a member of staff or learner take their own life is a traumatic experience for peers to have to deal with. When events such as these occur in a close knit community, the repercussions are felt throughout the organisation both in the moment and several months later. Everyone is affected. It is often the first time young people experience the death of someone in their own age group.

Time to Change video: Stand Up Kid

In 2012, Time to Change piloted a special campaign for young people in the West Midlands area, starting with the release of Stand Up Kid, an online film that aims to change attitudes towards mental illness amongst 14-18 year olds.

The film shows teenager Michael coming back to school after being off with depression. Teased by his classmates, he takes a stand against the jokes and tells them what it really means to live with a mental health problem.

Where's your evidence? MHFE Symposium (22.11.2011)

Still highly relevant to and for the 2015/16 BIS Community Learning Mental Health Pilot, this 2011 event explored the existing and emerging evidence base to underpin mental health and learning in FACES learning. We grateful thanks to presenters and delegates for their permissions, we are pleased to bring you presentations, photos, videos and more from this event.

The Take Ten People in the North East Project

What is this project about?

The Take Ten People Project (2010-2011) was part of a wider regional strategy, funded by the North East Mental Health Development Unit (NEMHDU), to improve the progression and employment prospects of people with experience of a mental health condition.  

Take Ten People (TTP): training materials

Archived resource

Part of the Take Ten People box set  and our  DIY CPD collection of resources that trainers can use to deliver training.

 This booklet includes practical CPD activities to support: 

Working Well

We can support our learners most effectively and be positive role models if we look after our own mental health. The pack is about maintaining mental health as well as supporting those staff that have mental health difficulties. This  resource aims to raise awareness of issues and supports employers so they can develop good practice.
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