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DfE national Community Learning Mental Health (CLMH) research 2015/17

Documents, pages, stories, resources etc. that are about the BIS national Community Learning Mental Health research 2015/17

Thank you to all our research volunteers

Thanks for completing the survey

You make this research possible. We couldn't do it without your time and interest and the information you are entrusting us with. We promise to use it to try and find out if short community learning classes can help any of us who wants to develop strategies to better manage our mental health and get on with our lives. Please accept our sincere thanks.


Thanks to everyone who made the AutumnMeet at Northern College such a positive and productive event. I haven't really had time or brain space to reflect on it all yet, but just looking at the notes I took from the breadth and range of topics covered, I can already see how valuable it is going to be for our project.

CLMH research Phase 2 spec for providers (final)

Attached below, is the final spec for learning providers involved in phase 2 of the DfE Community Learning Mental Health research project 2015/17, 

In the Phase 2 research providers are divided into the following 3 non-equivalent study groups

My first blog!

Hi everyone - I've tried to get to grips with Padlet today and post some learner comments. After a few interruptions, I've managed to get one comment on there and will add more later, assuming I've done it properly!


Fingers crossed!

CLMH research 3 tools - 1 sheet mental health self assessment template

This is a template used by providers that are involved in the BIS Community Learning Mental Health (CLMH) research (2015/17). It includes on a single sheet:

  • PHQ9 - depression
  • GAD7 - anxiety
  • Short WEMWBS - wellbeing (population tool)
  • the consent we use for the CLMH research project

These 3 self-assessment tools are widely available on the internet, including the NHS Choices website. All we have done for the purposes of the CLMH research is put them together on a single-sheet template. 

Central Beds Impact Mental Health Peer Support Annual Report

On the weekly Zoom Meeting I asked about how to make our Annual Report available on the MHFE site.

Whilst I am looking at a means to produce a fully accessible pdf version I thought I would share a link here to see whether the National Pilot Comminity feel its worthwhile sharing or if it is too long / boring. 

We are intending to use it a briefing tool for customers, press and partners, so it is written assuming the reader has no prior knowledge of the National Pilot.

I would welcome any comments feedback or ideas for improvement!

List of providers awarded a Community Learning Mental Health Pilot contract

List of providers awarded a contract  by the Skills Funding Agency for Community Learning Mental Health Pilot for 2015 to 2016. The list was published on the SFA website at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/community-learning-mental-health-pilot-specification on 27 March 2015.

Original community learning mental health pilot bid specification (January 2015)

This is the original mental health community learning research bid specification, published by the SFA in January 2015.


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