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Creating inclusive learning environments and experiences

Considerations to enable participation in learning

Should I say? detailed guide for adult learners

A detailed guide to help learners think about whether or not to disclose their mental health difficulty to their learning provider. This resource is also available in different formats:

Discovering Potential: A practitioner's guide to supporting improved self-esteem and well-being through adult learning

Building confidence and a sense of well-being is increasingly being seen as a means of enabling learners to make the most of their potential and to participate more fully in society. But how do you it?

Discovering potential is a resource pack that supports practitioners and managers who work with adults with low self-esteem. It looks at:

Winning Hearts and Minds: How to promote health and well-being through participation in adult learning

This publication is out of print. A scanned PDF is attached below.

You can also contact the author, Kathryn James via this website > register >networking in the left hand sidebar > find someone > search 'Kathryn James' > send message via the website.

Self-esteem, confidence and adult learning: Briefing sheet

This briefing was published in 2005, which means that organisations and policies discussed have ceased. However, there is also much in the discussion about how to measure learning outcomes in relation to confidence and self-esteem that remains relavant to FACES sector discussions in 2015. 








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