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CLMH research lessons learned

Blogs, news and lessons learned from the 60 providers involved in the BIS national Community Learning Mental Health research (2015/17)

Equal Partners?

‘Equality’ is an interesting term and it means different things to different people. It is often used in the ‘Equality and Diversity’ context. In which case, equality is not about treating everyone the same, but about putting people in a position where they have the same opportunities. However, a quick search of the word in a dictionary suggests ‘a state of being equal’ and uses language such as fairness, equitability, uniformity and even-handedness. I have been reflecting about what equality means for partnership working.

A positive start for new Barnsley Co-ordinator

It’s day 12 in my new role as Mental Health Co-ordinator for Barnsley CLMHP and I have been reflecting on what I have been doing so far.

"Now for the science-y bit"?

I am fairly new in post as a CLMHP coordinator. Last week I attended the BABCP conference to present from a service user perspective but also sit in on some of the lectures, and the week before I participated in the Association for Contextual Behavioural Science World Conference. Why?


A DfE Community Learning | Mental Health Research site (2015/17) 

In 2015, we successfully bid to the Skills Funding Agency (now the Education and Skills Funding Agency) to be part of the CLMH Research. We continued through to phase-2 which ended in July 2017. 

Knowsley CLMHP

The DfE Community Learning | Mental Health Research site (2015/17) 

Welcome to the dedicated webpage for Knowsley Adult and Community Education's Community Learning Mental Health Pilot. 

175 individuals benefited from over 500 activities in Year 1 with self-reported improvements in recovery. 

Wigan CLMH research project

A DfE Community Learning | Mental Health Research site (2015/17)

Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council, withdrew from the Community Learning Mental Health research on 17 March 2017, before the delivery phase of the research was completed.

Helen Daniels, the Wigan project manager provided the following prior to leaving the research. 


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