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CLMH research lessons learned

Blogs, news and lessons learned from the 60 providers involved in the BIS national Community Learning Mental Health research (2015/17)

Lessons Learned - an interview with Louise Weller

Our biggest learning was that the Discovering Potential guidance model wasAn image of one of the venues we used for courses in Bristol, venues that were never designed for IT - but we made it work really effective. It was what made the difference to learners and kept them engaged. 

Struggles in phase 2

A DfE Community Learning | Mental Health Research site (2015/18)

Due to the changes and the unprecedented amount of elections that took place during the time frame of the project, it felt like we were constantly on the back foot. We found that we needed to be reactive rather than pro-active which often hindered our progress.

Evolve: Full steam ahead phase one

A DfE Community Learning | Mental Health Research site (2015/18)

What we did in phase one -

In phase 1 we delivered courses we knew we could do well, we played to our strengths, delivering traditional community learning style courses.

Evolve: Why did we get involved?

A DfE Community Learning | Mental Health Research site (2015/18)

To show that community learning is worthwhile and that community learning does make a difference we know that because while I must tell is that it is than enough to to prove to fund is that that community learning has a big part to play in people'swell being Just as valid as something that gives you a qualifications.


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