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Adult and community learning

Sample CLMH group A peer:peer observation

To assure the fidelity of the 3 different phase 2 learning interventions across research sites assigned to a particular group, A, B or C:

CLMH provider specification for phase 1 extension

Copy of the BIS community learning mental health research project (CLMH) specification for providers for the April-July 2016 extension period as part of phase 1 of the research. 

For more information about the CLMH research see: https://mhfe.org.uk/clmh-pilots/https://mhfe.org.uk/clmh-pilots/

CLMH research phase 2 specification (2016/17)

Here's the specification DfE gave CLMH providers for the more robust phase 2 of the community learning mentla health research project. 

Read more about the research project at: https://mhfe.org.uk/clmh-pilots/

Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Day - Getting learners involved#2

The talk at Bournemouth University went very well - the learners (Sara and Vicky) we invited were truly inspirational. I am really looking forward to sharing the video when it has been edited.

Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Day - Getting learners involved

Firstly, good luck to everyone delivering any workshops, webinars or talks this week as part Mental Health Awareness Day.

Towards the end of the summer term, I asked learners to donate some of their work so we could have an exhibition to celebrate the work they had done. I was overwhelmed with the enthusiasm and quantity of work that was handed in. We had enough for three displays - Bournemouth, Poole and Dorchester Libraries. The learners were really proud to display their work and share it with friends and family.

Art created by a Ways to Wellbeing learner

The piece below was produced using an iPad on a digital art in the park short course. 

Learning outcomes included building digital resilience and using different apps to produce digital artwork.  This learner said that they were frustrated with the technology at the start of the course and felt like 'throwing the iPad against the wall'.  

Blackpool - Year 1 Well-being report

Blackpool Adult Community & Family Learning

Well-being Report             April 2016

Case Studies from ‘living life’ community training courses run by Chrysalis Health & Wellbeing (YMCA Humber)

Case Study #1

"The main reason I wanted to do the Live Life to the Full course was for myself as I worry about things a lot and it is noticeable to people. I feel that completing the course has helped me to become aware of strategies to deal with my worrying and mild anxiety which I will use and I found it helpful discussing things with others in the room.


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