A network for anyone with an interest in
adult education and mental health

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PLEASE NOTE: This site is closing 26-Oct-2021.
After then, the domain name will not be renewed, so attempting to access this site will no longer work.

About MHFE and how it works

Resources from around the MHFE site which explain how things work and how to do things on the site.

How do I create a new discussion topic on MHFE? Part 2 of 2

Part 2 of 2 describing how to set up a new topic in our discussion forums on MHFE

One in a series of practical 'How to on MHFE' guides

How do I create a discussion topic on MHFE? Part 1 of 2

Part 1 of 2 describing how to set up a new topic in our discussion forums on the MHFE website. 

One in a series of practical 'How to on MHFE' guides.

How to ...Create a news item on EqualitiesToolkit and MHFE websites

Screencast showing the steps to create a news item on the equalitiesToolkit, Healthy FE and MHFE wesbites. 

New 'Find someone' feature

We have finally been able to add a networking list to this MHFE site. This means you can now find each other across the whole of the membership and make contact via the website. You'll find the link under the 'Newtworking' tabe in the main left hand menu on the home page. 

You can only see and search the list if you are a registered member (remember we manually approve registrations to avoid spammers registering) and if you are logged in.

One consequence is that if you have used your email address as your username then members will be able see your email address.

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About Us

We're a website

There's lots useful information about mental health and learning out there, but no other site brings it all under one roof. This site is designed to be your 'go-to' place for information on adult education and mental health for all of the FE sector. It's here to make your life easier. Think of MHFE as one big library for mental health and learning open to anyone who is interested in learning more and improving access to and success in adult education for people with mental health difficulties. 

My Work With MHFE

I first saw a link to the MHFE virtual secondees project on the NSUN (that’s National Survivor User Network) mailing and was really interested. I am a mental health service user, but had 6 years experience teaching in FE and HE. Funnily enough, I think it was the stress of this work that pushed me to breaking point! I became ill with stress and then after I lost my job my condition deteriorated. As part of my own recovery I completed an MA and then just last year finished an NVQ in Beauty therapy.

Virtual secondees to MHFE wanted. Apply now.

Remember when regional mental health network meetings and  other events meant you got regular  time out to find out what was going on, keep up to date with news, share and learn about good practice and were able to discuss issues freely with other people with an interest  in mental health and learning? Well, as a virtual secondee to MHFE those days could be back - the only catch is this time you'll be responsible for making things happen and doing it all online!

Monday morning...

So it's Monday morning (well it was when I started this) and I didn't get half as much done over the weekend as I'd hoped - why is that such a familiar feeling. Anyway, filled with the anticipation of a new week in which to further develop our e-community and its associated website I am having a go at this our first blog entry (until I post it I have no idea where it will go or what it will look like - so fingers crossed it does what I think it will and if not there may be some very public egg on my face!).

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