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World Mental Health Day 2017 - Free webinars to celebrate, share and learn

The Mental Health in Further Education Network and DfE Adult Education Mental Health Research projects are offering a series of free webinars throughout October to celebrate 10 October, World Mental Health Day 2017. This year's theme set by the World Federation for Mental Health is mental health in the workplace.

The webinars will involve a range of agencies and individuals from the world of adult learning and mental health and cover a diverse range of topics.

We are pleased to see that this year World Mental Health Day A screenshot of a WMHD webinars padlet. Text at the top of the image: MHFE crowd's annual World Mental Health Day Webinars start 10 October 2017 is definitely gathering support in FE and many more people are offering WMHD webinars.  We’ve included their publicity in our programme and we are avoiding running our webinars at the same time. Hurry up and register to join these informative, free opportunities to celebrate, share and learn.  Here are some that you should not miss:

Tuesday, 10 Oct: a series of Remploy webinars focusing on mental health services, conditions and wellbeing in the workplace, and improving your disability confidence as an employer. 

Wednesday, 11 Oct: Introduction to neurodiversity: How might personalised learning and student support look, if we turned our 'deficit model' on its head? Rejecting her own label of 'ADHD', Lou Mycroft presents emerging theories of neurodiversity and offers a chance to explore how these might impact affirmatively on practice.

Tuesday, 17 Oct: Victim blaming mental health - How have we ended up here? with Catina Barrett.  

Wednesday, 18 Oct: Liz Maudslay, Association of Colleges Policy lead, and Ian Ashman, former President, will talk about engagement with Government on the Mental Health, the AoC's new wellbeing self assessment tool and resource pack and examples of colleges securing additional resources for their work mental health. 

Thursday, 19 Oct: Health literacy for mental health - Gill Rowlands, a Professor of General Practice at Newcastle University and the joint clinical advisor on health literacy to NHS England, will describe health literacy, outline the issues arising through mental illness, and hypothesise how building skills can promote mental health.

Thursday, 26 Oct: Richard Caulfield - AoC regional director (North West), Mental Health policy lead and chair of the new AoC Mental Health Advisory National Policy Group will talk about what happens when 32 FE managers go on a Mental Health First Aid Course.

Friday, 27 Oct: Chris Kingsbury - Remploy, Mental Health Support Service will tell us what we need to know about Access to Work Mental Health Support Service for Apprentices. 

Monday, 30 Oct: Tracey Attard from Luton CLMH project and Patricia Dillon-Russell, Kent CLMH project will take turns to reflect on their experience of being a part of the research and the difference it has made to their work.

Tuesday, 31 Oct: Dame Ruth Silver – president of FETL (The Further Education Trust for Leadership) will talk about their work and priorities about mental health. 

We are still confirming the dates for some webinars and we will keep you informed and provide you with joining instructions. 

Our aim is to inspire, motivate and educate so all webinars are recorded and become a Box Set of CPD resources.
For more information please email ljaja@btinternet.com.


Lou Mycroft's picture

Listening back through the webinars as part of the team ensuring their accessibility for publication - it's a real labour of love, wonderful to revisit these world-changing ideas without the anxiety of hosting or presenting! :-)