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Workforce Wellbeing - Working with the local of chamber of commerce

With this terms emphasis on workforce wellbeing RACC has developed a partnership with the Richmond Chamber of Commerce to co-create a workshop in work-life balance.

Engaging with employers on the subject of work/life balance has proved complex, in discussion with the chamber CEO we felt it most appropriate to offer a workshop for chamber members on work/life balance as a way to raise awareness amongst the local workforce of the reseach project we are undertaking.

Firstly, all employers who attend this workshop can be made aware of our workforce wellbeing offer, secondly employers themselves may wish to procure a bespoke work force wellbeing programme for their staff during lunchtime slots, or after work sessions  - these can be on topics such as mindfulness, stress management, art, photography or short yoga sessions. This is particularly helpful in such situations where the organisation is going through difficult changes or environmental conditions.

9/10 organisations in our local business area are small to medium enterprises and micro - businesses. Staff involved in start-ups and small organisations tend to have more diverse roles and as a result tend to work harder,  those who are freelancers also have the pressures of finding new contracts and work to maintain their livelihood. It is hoped that the workforce wellbeing offer would provide something to these individuals.

You can find out more about the event being setup with the chamber on : http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/chamber-workshop-mindfulness-and-work-life-balance-tickets-26240938353, perhaps as another college providing this offer you may consider to do the same.  I'd welcome any comments from other pilots who have developed similar strategies with their own local chamber and their experiences so far.

Find out more about RACCs offer for workforce wellbeing