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Workforce Wellbeing- RACCs free course for staff benefit

RACC already provides opportunities for staff in its own existing benefits and these are promoted to staff through an internal employee benefits leaflet. One of the innovative aspects of this is allowing all staff to take part in one leisure course a year, having taken both drawing from scratch and life drawing in subsequent terms I can personally say it was very beneficial to have that 2 hours of space, focus and concentration in otherwise what is  a busy week. It also gave me an opportunity to talk to other learners at the college and form part of a social network. This approach doesn't particularly focus on staff who need support for wellbeing but is open to all staff without the need to take surveys or make any personal declaration. It would be a useful thing for us at RACC to measure general benefits and positives gained from this.

More info about staff benefits here : https://jobs.racc.ac.uk/display.aspx?id=1695&pid=219%20