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Work. Friend or Foe to Health?

Video recording of Professor Dame Carol Black's lecture on 25 February 2015 at part of the Nottingham Trent University Distinguished Lecture Series. 

Lecture abstract:

"For moral, social and economic reasons, it is a major aim of government policy to safeguard and maintain the health and wellbeing of people of working age, and to support and enable people with health conditions to enter and remain in work, and to return to work after sickness absence. The necessary trend to extend working life in an ageing population heightens the importance of these issues, now and in the longer term.

Numerous factors, many operating from early life, influence health and employment outcomes, productivity and economic performance. An important step in addressing these factors and answer problems has been to see health and work as a collaborative enterprise. It is an enterprise in which Government, health, healthcare and social agencies, welfare agencies, employers and individuals each recognise their responsibilities for enabling productive and rewarding work for people with physical and mental health problems, while also safeguarding and promoting sustained good health in those who are well. Bad work is bad for health."

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