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Wirral CLMH research project

 A DfE Community Learning | Mental Health Research site (2015/17).

Following a successful bid to the ESFA to be part of the DfE research, Wirral Lifelong and Family Learning Service was asked to share their emerging professional praxis over the course of the first (April 2015 to July 2016) and second (from August 2016 to July 2017) phases of the research, some 27 months in total.

During this time Wirral Council was fully funded to

  • Develop and deliver:
    • Local joint working
    • Staff training and support
    • Their curriculum offer
    • Courses
  • Meet the requirements of the CLMH phase 2 specified research, including: 
    • Local leadership of the project
    • Securing local strategic support for taking forward the findings and policy recommendations from the research
    • Recruiting research volunteers with symptoms of mild to moderate mental health problems
    • Data collection and reporting
    • Effective project management, including risk management
    • using the MHFE website (this page) to share examples of their marketing, curriculum offer, teaching, learning and assessment methods and resources, retention and achievement outcomes and reflections on their professional praxis 
    • Attend weekly virtual meetings of all CLMH research sites
    • Attend termly face-to-face meetings of all CLMH sites
    • Attend national face-to-face and online training sessions in phase 2 and roll the training out locally to their staff 
    • Developing a local dissemination and sustainability plan so that everything did not suddenly stop at the end of the research period 


From April 2015-December 2016 Wirral Council subcontracted delivery of the learning offer to a single provider. You can read blog entries from the subcontractor, Nick Broadhead using the blog link below.


In 2017, following intensive training from the national CLMH team, Wirral Council subcontracted the CLMH research offer to the following organisations:

  • Tranmere Rovers football club
  • Home-Start Wirral

The latter provided a single case study: 'Positive Minds with new parents'. 

The MHFE crowd apologises to visitors wanting to find out about this CLMH research site. We regret to say that the case study above and links below are all Wirral Adult Learning has shared about their lessons learned as part of the research.