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adult education and mental health

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Welcoming in the new year

For many people the new year has already become populated with 'stuff' and 'things' and 'doing' so if that is a good thing or not so good for you right now, I would like to wish every one the very best of what ever you can manage. I also send my hopes that all your steps lead to strides that lead to your dreams coming true.

From my perspective I am still exxtreemly grateful to the project for giving me something that I didn't anticipate, ask for, or expect. I found my voice in ways that I thought I had lost forever and  more than that my passion for mental health and wellbeing was renewed and invigorated.

It is difficult to translate into words what that really means but once I am able to articulate that I will do another blog.

Keep safe and thank you for sharing the journey.

Goodness and kindness to you all