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Ways to Wellbeing - A Learner's Voice

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"I started looking after my son when he was 10 months old and he took his own life when he was 25. In all that time I was his dad, mum and carer, he was my life.

When my son took his own life my being here seemed pointless. Over time and with the help I have received from medical teams and The Richmond Fellowship charity I found ways of taking my life one step at a time, one day at a time. One of these was enrolling on self-development classes at Southend Adult Community College. Over time I learned ways of coping with life. 

In September 2015 I enrolled in a pottery class. Never having done pottery before and coming out of my comfort zone it was all very daunting. But as the weeks went by doing things which were new to me and talking with fellow students I have found an inner peace and life seemed good for at least a couple of hours. As result of doing the courses I have gained experiences, skills and knowledge I can pass to others.  As for the future I will be doing more pottery classes to gain more knowledge skills and also something that can help me in my future.     

Having suffered loss and gone through a complete change of how I live my life, going to and participating a friendly enviroment has made a really good and positive difference to my life."

This piece was written by a learner who enrolled on our Ways to Wellbeing courses in phase 1 of the CLMH research.  He has progressed into mainstream community learning classes and still attends our Ways to Wellbeing top-up workshops.  He has given permission for us to publish this. 

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