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Using Social Media In Blackpool:

Since coming into post as the Project Co-ordinator I have been keen to utilise social media as a way of connecting with learners. After following policy guidelines we now have use of numerous social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and a Padlet. Our aim is to provide support and enhance the delivery of our courses and as a medium to encourage progression from our courses.

The Facebook page is a closed group where, during their lessons, learners are encouraged to befriend Blackpool Learning and in turn are added to the Blackpool Wellbeing Course Groups. Within the closed group we are sharing points of interest and highlighting work from other agencies and services in the hope that learners will become more aware of what support is on offer.  Here we promote discussion on topics that are relevant to our project and learners in the hope of engaging in topical debate. Numbers are still quite low but we hope that as our followers grow so will the use of this site. We aim to utilise this site as a way of promoting consultation with learners by adding opinion polls and surveys. Also, as a way of reconnecting with learners who have completed their wellbeing courses and find out what they are doing now.

The Pinterest page has been developed to predominantly facilitate the arts and craft classes. During our courses many learners were sharing their ideas and previous experiences of crafting and sharing photos of projects they had completed in their own time.  Also, many who started craft classes showed interest in pursuing new craft skills and challenging their own ideas. So it seemed suitable that there was a platform to promote and showcase learner’s works and achievements but also to encourage learners to try new crafts.. On Pinterest we have developed and ‘pinned’ a range of ‘boards’ to support ideas for some of our wellbeing craft courses but also for personal development courses such as positive quotes and affirmations, gardening ideas and wellbeing.

All our social media sites are managed daily during office hours. However, there is a disclaimer making people aware that it is not an emergency service; but we will signpost to the appropriate advice and support.

I have added all the links below, please feel free to browse and join our pages: