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time for choice.

i'd like to share with you a couple of things that have been on my mind for a few weeks now.  one is about mental health considerations in the work place and the other is connected to a conversation about recycling.

the conversation about recycling put me into a space of considering how when i was 18 the concept of climate change was little known and today for an 18 year old it's one of the topics that dominates western mainstream news.  yet for the 18 year old of today there is still the need to reject the notions of the older generation because what do they know anyway.  how many more generations of 18 year olds might it need before recycling is done without needing to consider it ?

the second consideration is about openly discussing mental health issues in the work place.  there's global recognition of man flu and other similar ailments. 

maybe in time a man feeling on the cusp of depression and having an awareness of that can find a safe sanctuary in the workplace to have the conversation that might be the difference between pulling out of the depression or falling further into it.  

i am happy to say i am not that man right now but know at least one who is.

in considering both these areas of concern the only thing that seems to an optimistic way forward is time.  time for attittude to evolve, time for habits to evolve, time for choice.



Catina's picture

As usual Martyn, I found your blog entry thought provoking and of course with only a few days to go until World Mental Health Day 2017 #WMHD2017, your comments about openly discussing mental health issues in the work place are timely - especially as the theme for this year is Workplace Mental Health.

We look forward to seeing you at our annual programme of #WMHD2017 webinars, which start on Tuesday (see the Padlet on the MHFE home page). 

I wonder what the community learning mentla health research sites will be doing? Do you know what Derby (Blue SKY) is planning?

andrew martyn sugars's picture

hi catina

a very happy new year and my apologies for a slow response to your comment.

around the time fo the world mental health day i was still processing an unsuccesful job interview and as a result became a little detached from what was going on in the wider world.

i'm pleased to write that i'm happier now and have worked at finding new opportunities that are slowly starting to bloom.

during the recent seasonal celebrations we went on a sense of place walk organised by derby adult learning service.  it was a joyous event spent outdoors in a public park.

i'm also going to reconnect with my blog.

hope all is good with you and the project.

speak soon.