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third session thoughts

now well into the pattern of arriving and beginning the session, our third week began unlike the previous 2.  several interesting conversations and i arrived at a conversation with the tutor.

we had a really informative conversation about soundscapes and how in his opinion this is something i might well enjoy exploring and investigating.  i liked hearing his encouragement.  

encouragement it's something that i sometimes yern for but am unable to vocalise this need.

since the session it's got me thinking alot about what i might do.  i've begun recording sounds i find interesting around me.  i feel i need to allocate some time to be able to play with the sounds and see what comes from that play....




back to the session reflection.

after our conversations and data collection, the group got together to make a tune.  two of the group had been practising on guitar and violin and one of them sang.  this week i was given a guitar in open tune to play with.  i plucked and explored to find what i liked the sound of.

we put all the instruments together and i found myself adding accent like sounds to the vocals.  i liked doing this.  i liked how a very small input could add to the overall sound.  

we played with trying to record the sound with one simple microphone, discussing how relative distance to the mic could make the instruments sound more balanced.

we ended the session with a short discussion and sharing sound music likes.  i talked about the track for synthersiser and cello i'd heard on radio 3's international women's day programme.  it's a track by anna meredith called honeyed words :


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yesterday i heard for the first time the radio 3 programme "the listening service"  i listened with interest as the prosenter explored the question 

"When is noise just noise, and when is it music?"

link to programme website

Hi Andrew, I really enjoyed reading your blog. It is good to see your journey and the things you are taking out of your sessions. Can't wait to read your next one.

Kind regards