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The Thinking Environment

Could all you wonderful mhfe people wish me luck today as I use the Thinking Environment in part of our team meeting please?

I recognise that I won't be as inspiring as Lou Mycroft but I'm going to give it a go! 

I'm rather unsure how it will be received, but I feel quite certain that once the team see the benfits of:

  • the level playing field
  • the chance to participate fully
  • really being listened to without interruption
  • really listening to others' ideas and thoughts
  • diversity of opinion
  • team creativity

.....they will learn to feel thankful for the opportunity to meet in a thinking environment team where all values, opinions and thoughts are heard.

Here's to meeting this year's targets.....with the incisive question ' How can we improve recruitment in our community learning classes?' 

I'll let you know how I got on later. 




Hi Michele,

Really hope your meeting went well and achieved everything you hoped for. I'll be really interested to hear how it went, as I'm looking to do the same in my team meetings and have discussed the possibility of using it in our managers' meetings.



michele mackay's picture

I enjoyed the challenge shall we say. I think that it takes a bit of practise to get everyone on board. A top tip perhaps is to make sure you do a dry run with a question that is 'easy' before asking the team to do something more meaningful. I was running late in my meeting and missed the easy question out to save time. It was an error.


I'd also say that you need to ensure that your question is the right one.....not sure mine was........I'm not giving up though.....Lou Mycroft has no need to worry just yet about any serious competition! 

Give it a go and let me know how you get on.


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Hi Michele, this is a little late to wish you well but I hope it did go well and you transformed your meeting.


Hi Michele,

Well done you for giving it a go and thank you for the insights into your first attempt. I'm sure Lou would say that it took her a while to get everyone on board with, and I guess that it works better and better as people become more comfortable with the format and "rules" of the thinking environment.

Don't give up!



Excited for you. You will do really well. It is a great way to be and to do. Let us know how it goes.