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Take Ten People (TTP) - Toolbox

Archived resource

This is an archived version of the toolbox, originally published in hard copy format in in 2010. It was superseded in 2011, by an online version of the toolbox (which could be customised and printed out as a hard copy) at: http://ttp.mhfe.org.uk/

 The front of each card contained details of the opportunity, including where to find more information. Comments on the back of each card highlighted specific points to consider when thinking about or discussing an opportunity with an individual. 

The cards were arranged and colour-coded by the sector that delivered each of the opportunities. The cards:

  • Came with a loose leaf binding making it possible to shuffle the cards into any order that suited the user
  • Contained blank spaces so that people could personalise their toolbox with notes, updates and local contact details
  • Were also provided as a blank template which could be inserted anywhere to add information about new national opportunities or ones specific to a local area.

 Additional resources to enable people to customise the toolbox included:

  1. Editable PDF Toolbox blank card
  2. TTP list of useful websites 

Please note:

Following the general election in May 2010 much content on government websites was moved to the National Archive, plus many organisations closed As a result some links in this handout may not longer work or content may have moved or may no longer be government policy. This resource is in Word format so feel free to update it. 

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