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Take Ten People Toolbox of Opportunities - ONLINE version (2011)

Archived resource

As at 2014, many of the opportunities described in this resource are no longer available.

This was the online version of the Take Ten People (TTP) Toolbox. It contained a series of entries with details of opportunities for people with experience of mental health difficulties which were mapped against the employability skills they could help someone to develop. The toolbox also provided a good starting point for joint working locally. It was originally published as a set of cards in a ring binder you could customise and sort before use.

We turned the original handy hard copy version of the toolbox into an online resource because this was always going to be one of the TTP resources that would be difficult to reproduce electronically and was the resource that went out of date the quickest. With the change of government in May 2010 and subsequent policy changes many of the opportunities described in the original hard copy toolbox changed or disappeared. Plus the localism agenda means that there is now more local variation in opportunities.   

This (April 2011) online version included the following features:

  • A new introduction
  • Each entry in the toolbox contains details of an opportunity, including where you can find more information. Comments highlight specific points you might want to consider when you are thinking about or discussing an opportunity with an individual.
  • Each opportunity has space for local contacts to be added to the PDF when you download it or the option to create your own personal toolbox using the PDF template
  • Content can be updated with ease - by us and/or you (because you can still add  comments and local opportunities)
  • A 'Search the toolbox' function replaces the flexibility of the cards - you can now search for opportunities by sector and/or by employability skill(s).  
  • For those without continuous online access there is a quick download button that  enables you to print a hard copy of  a single opportunity or the whole toolbox.

The toolbox could be used as a stand-alone resource or in conjunction with the other resources in Take Ten People box set 

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Barrett, C and Creed, A (2010) Take Ten People: An integrated approach to learning and skills. Leicester: NIACE.

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