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Stepping Stones to Wellbeing

After 2 months of planning we are proud to announce the official screening of our 'Stepping Stones to wellbeing' Film project which is based on actual stories of learners on our wellbeing project at RACC.

Our phase 1 has shown very good results overall, with learners passing beyond the required threshold for wellness in anxiety, depression and general wellbeing. The film shows some of the ingredients in the formula that helped to make the difference.

The film was made by one of our own students and was also carried out to give some balance to the qualitative aspects of improvement that learners take part in.  Having a student take part in the direction who themself has been through mental health difficulties enabled us to plan , support and encourage the learners to speak in a way to articulate their individual experiences

The film can be seen on : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0GONIzq3wY

Our screening is taking place at RACC in our theatre on the 19th July at 3pm , anyone from the MHFE group would be very welcome to attend.