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small steps

i'm continuing to make small steps as i journey through my grief over maybe.  earlier this week there were days where i experienced the depression.  i'm pleased to say today  i'm now experiencing the up turn and i'm starting to feel optimistic again.

yesterday was a really good day.  an evening event for an ongoing work project was preceeded by catching up with a friend who is a supporter of the forest school for men idea.

meeting with him i was able to be open with him about my short comings in terms of moving the idea forward.  reflecting upon the meeting now i can see how in being open and honest about feeling like i'd not moved it forward was the beginning of a small step to move the idea forward.

in our open and frank discussion, we were able to share our respective posiitons towards the idea.  this led me to share about a japanese philosphy about forests and this led us to arrange to do something.

the japanese philosphy is known as forest bathing.  i've done small amounts of learning about it and now as a result of yesterdays conversation have the motivation to learn more.

this morning i've decided i need a working title for the project and to maximise accessibility have decided for now to call it the explore project.

as it stands the explore project has a basis within the philosophy of forest bathing and as a forest school leader i bring along the forest school ethos and skill learning  to the forest bathing sessions. 

the explore project begins its research phase by making a session with our partners.  by making this first research session our aim is to discover something by the end of it we didn't know at the beginning.

one small step ...



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i've reconnected with this tune after some time.  i love the massive flowing expanse of the expression and smaller contrasting moments.