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sharing week 2

in a facebook chat with a male friend recently i said 

i have homework from a night school course i'm doing at the moment. find a peice of a film with musical score that you really like or moves you

 he replied

Sounds interesting, 


this week was more interesting.  skipping right to the point of beginning of this weeks session i shared what i'd learnt from watching the following ted talk.


i watched a few videos between week 1 and 2 not really knowing that this would give me things to add to the conversation.  

the opening of week 2 was much more enjoyable than the previous session.  i enjoyed the conversation with the other participants and we got to listen to pieces of music chosen by members of the group.

i shared a tune i had found about 8 years ago on you tube.  it was a good experience listening to the tune without watching the video, i heard aspects of the composition i'd not heard before.  this is the tune i shared :


i hope the videos are visible.


there's no need for a particluarly long post this week as on reflection the session flowed from conversation, listenign to an improvisation session.  for the two hours i was fully in th emoment and felt relaxed and enjoyed myself.

i see one route to well being as simply being with people, sharing and talking and session 2 facilitated that to happen.

at a personal level i reflect that the time i need help with still remains those times when i find myself on my own and the thoughts start to race quicker than i can do things.  in the scope of the course this possibly is an area for discussion to lead to a strategy and possibly wanders towards theapeutic intervention.  as such i see i'm expecting something beyond the scope of the course and need to look for additonal help elsewhere.

keeping it simple ... i have some howework to do ... and lots to choose from,  so i better get listening ...

just one small thing ... i've been lent a concertina for this week. during our imporvisation i was given it to play with an i seemed to get on with it ok.  the owner, one of the other participants insisted that i took it home to play with some more ... most unexpected and quite lovely.  thank you :)



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