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Sample CLMH group A peer:peer observation

To assure the fidelity of the 3 different phase 2 learning interventions across research sites assigned to a particular group, A, B or C:

  • In July and August 2016, Jan Hutchinson, from the Centre for Mental Health, facilitated 3 optional curriculum development workshops for providers These were based on Jan’s experience of developing the fidelity assurance process and scale for the national Individual Placement and Support programme (see https://www.centreformentalhealth.org.uk/the-ips-fidelity-scale )
  • In September 2016:
    • Nigel Evans, from Ofsted facilitated an optional workshop for providers
    • Our regular mandatory termly meeting for all providers was a 2-day residential at the Northern College
  • In October 2016, research sites in each group (A, b and C) collectively agreed and wrote descriptors specific to their offer and observation feedback sheets. They used Padlet to share and review examples of each other’s marketing materials, schemes of work, session plans and resources
  • From November 2016 until July 2017, they peer reviewed elements of each other’s practice against the descriptors.
  • Research sites were randomly assigned within their group one project to peer review and another to peer review them. This meant each site observed a different site to the one that observed them.
  • As part of the process they collectively arranged their observations so that across the sites in a group there was a balance of:
    • Which element/s of the learning offer they observed, i.e. 1:1 initial guidance conversation/s, or class/es or top-up session/s
    • Different methods of observation, i.e. face-to-face, Zoom in the room recording, film or livestream, or using iObserve
  • Providers reported back to their group at virtual quality assurance meetings. These were recorded and made available as a resource for providers to support their local quality assurance activities and training

This sample observation record is for the Luton site. The observer was Lindsay Ogle, project manager for the Darlington research site. Both delivered the Group A offer, in which courses focused on managing symptoms of mental health problems (e.g. how to manage anxiety) and all participants were experiencing symptoms of mild to moderate mental health problems at their initial guidance conversation.

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