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Refugee wellbeing and mental health 12.30 on 1 July 2016

Will you be joining colleagues who have already booked to attend 'Refugee wellbeing and mental health' online session Friday 1 July 2016, from 12.30-1.30pm?

Book now for free at: https://refugee_mental_health.eventbrite.co.uk

If you've  been following the migrant crises in Europe and witnessing the post-Brexit intolerance, hatred and racist attacks that have been unleashed, you cant fail to realise the devastating effect it has on the mental health and wellbeing of families, individuals. Ultimately of course, it harms us as a society. Much as we might like to think the hardship stops when peope reach the UK, it doesnt. Brexit has revealed the undeniable and painful ever-present reality of the racism people face . Re-establishing a home and identity, in an often hostile environment with an uncertain future, makes people's mental health and wellbeing worse. Much worse.

Yes, participating in adult learning of all kinds can support refugees' successful integration, but not if practitioners are so afraid they don't know how to deal with people's migration experiences and emotions, that they avoid dealing with them. 

Refugees need learning practitioners who welcome them into learning and who aren't afraid when they have mental health problems. They need practitioners who can help them rebuild their confidence and self-esteem. Practitioners who know how to promote recovery and wellbeing.

Join us for this online #FridayLunchOnline meeting to explore how we 'welcome refugees who have mental health problems into learning'. We'll discuss what works, how to use your  existing skills to good effect, how to tap into what's happening in your area, and how to work in partnership with others.

Book now: https://refugee_mental_health.eventbrite.co.uk