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reflecting after session

the sun is out, i have a cup of tea and biscuit, we've been out in the wood and i feel happy about how it went.  time to reflect about the session to record it and any new thoughts at this time.

my plan to have no plan went well.  two of the group said they are used to being well planned and they both reflected how they had relaxed when coming into the session today because they know i'd be taking care of things.

my plan did have a beginning.  on arrival i said a few words and we walked into the wood.  at the start of an incline i set the first invitation, to walk to the top listening to footsteps and not speaking.

at the top i loved one of the  reflections that the steps weren't making much sound so the wood itself became the focus.  after our reflective discussion we continued.

our path wended its way through various species of trees and the bluebells.

my second invitation was to get to know the feel of the bark of three trees.  i loved how one of the group started to make up characters for the trees based upon feel and look of the barks.

the third invitation was to find a sit stop and to sit and look.

for me this invitation gave me time to sit and be at one with the wood.  i'd been on my toes up to this point because i wanted the session to go well and at the sit stop i realised i could relax into the moment and let go.  the plan to have no plan did take effort and i think the effort was paying off.

we gathered at one sit spot and shared the experience of the view.  i broke out the tea making things as it felt so right to do so and one of the group broke out some things to eat.  we shared tea, eating and conversation. when not speaking we listened and viewed the wood.

when it felt right to and without saying anything we packed up the things and began our descent.

as we walked i felt like we'd had enough things to do and the first invitation was still being observed at times.

as we neared the car i made one more invitation to reflect and share about the experience.

after 1 hour and 50 minutes my walk tracker had registered 1.25 miles and we were back at the car.  i heard one of the group say "perfect timing."

in the car we continued to talk. i was asked "what's next?"  this helped me to realsie that i am actually more confident about being in the wood and leading than what i give myself credit for.  my answer involved talking about writing this blog post and finding support for generating words to communicate about the opportunity.

through doing the session today i can see much clearer now that one reason for not moving faster on developing this idea is that there need to be a lot of writing done to make it so.  i've been dancing around the fact that the way the idea is written about can be directly linked to how an idea is enegaged with.  i've informed my position now by doing the first forest bathing inspired walk and would love to do more.  we noticed in the car that as a result of the slow pace through the wood we potentially needed another layer of clothing than if we were going out for say a dog walk.

in this moment of writing this post i reflect that the idea has evolved and i think for the better of it.  the idea to get adults outside begins with forest bathing inspired walks and over time can progress to incorporate forest school based activities.  if the walks were to be in the same wood this can be shown to be tied into the repeated visits to an outdoor space that forest school practices.  maybe i'm heading into a space of forest bathing inspired walks under pinned by the practice of forest school.  possibly confusing i know, however by working towards a simple to understand written proposition of this i hope that people i'm yet to meet can quickly and easily connect to the opportunity and they too can experience what we have today.

i feel pleased and content.