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recording what seems like progress

within my journey to a grounded, centred, happier place i know i have often written about the difficulties and issues that make life difficult and make me unhappy.  today i am pleased to be sitting down to record the small things of late that have been feeding into me feeling happier.

i think the recent improvements began as a result of watching the mind over marathon programmes.  in a section of the programme,  the coaches talked to the runners about visualising the finish of their marathon.

after the programme i reflected that in fact i've been using visualisation alot.  i believed i did this to help cope with my dsylexia.  in becoming aware of the visualisations i saw that at times the visualisations set up feelings in me that led to me being anxious at going into new situations.  

in being concious of the visualising situations to make them easier, i've asked of myself if making them is actually beneficial.  there are times when they are as they help me to realise solutions to problems.

so what have i been doing as a result ?

i've conciously been rejecting the default behaviour of visualising new situations prior to going to them.  i've not had many recently and those i have gone to have been ok and enjoyable ... despite not running through the visualisation so i know what to do and how to react.  

how have i managed this ?

possibly through the informal practice of mindfulness.  i've been basing my practice on following and refollowing the course on mindfulness for well being and peak performance on future learn dot com and the next iteration of this course is now a week into its six week run.

at home i've altered my day when i work from home.  now i clear the household chores which typically means attending to the kitchen before i settle down to do the work i need to do that day.  the dog then gets walked when i need a break or some thinking time.  

i feel this new regime is working for me.