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Recipe for Success - Stockport College

Image showing the cover of Stockport College section in Cooking up a Storm

This page contains  additional information from Stockport College as part of the Recipe for Success e-resource

Stockport College's recipe for success includes hyperlinks to the following additional resources:

MHFE Disclaimer

Please note resources on the Recipe for Success webpages on http://mhfe.org.uk were kindly submitted by colleges as a way of supporting the FE sector to informally share information and current practice.

In many cases they are simply practical internal documents, intended for use by college staff and not designed to be shared with an external audience. We have converted most to PDF's to protect contributors and have included them because practitioners tell us that this is the kind of information that they would like more opportunity to look at. 

However, these resources have not been subject to NIACE/MHFE's usual editorial, learner/mental health service user involvement, peer review, moderation and quality assurance procedures. They may as a result possibly:

  • be undated
  • contain out of date local information
  • contain information that is inconsistent with government policy
  • contain information that may be inconsistent with the philosophy and practice of NIACE/MHFE

Of course we would like you to make comments and provide feedback (as for any MHFE content) but we would kindly request that in doing so you recognise the genorosity and openness of providers in sharing them and that they do not represent the views of NIACE or the MHFE project. 

For these reasons, they are not included in the MHFE virtual library as resources.  

Submitting resources to the virtual library

Not all resources are appropriate for inclusion in the virtual library collection, but if you have contributed a resource to the Recipe for Success resource and would like us to consider adding it to the virtual library collection contact us and we will be happy to provide help on submitting it for review and inclusion.