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RACCs work with volunteers in the wellbeing project

RACC setup a wellbeing project volunteer role description and recruited its first volunteers in January, this was successful for its first term which led us to a second round of recruitment for term 2 which took place in April with volunteers looking to start over the Summer and help out at open days. We now have a total of 7 volunteers taking part in the following activities

1. Providing clerical and project support to the administrator and project manager of the project team.

2. Providing support to the project co-ordinator with meet and greet, and customer services for our drop in sessions

3.  Providing information, signposting and employability advice to other learners by supporting a tutor in a job club.

4. Acting as a peer support / mentor between us and a partner organisation about independent living (SPEAR), supporting us at open days

5. Providing a film club and enriching our film making courses to give mentoring and advice to other individuals looking to create their own films and stories as  way to show how they overcame obstacles and have come to a stage of moving beyond the difficulties to recovery.

6. Providing technical and digital media support to existing craft and work classes.

7. Planned for the next term to run a basic internet cafe to help individuals overcome fear of using technology and confidence with IT skills that can be life enhancing such as improving connectivity with others through email, social media and online searching.

We are tremendously grateful for the help from our volunteers, and I will like to create a page of their own statements and how taking part has helped these individuals on their own journeys to wellbeing and progression into work.

If anyone is looking for advice in setting up a role description ,deploying and recruiting volunteers for the project , please feel free to drop me a line.



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HI Manojnanda - 

I with my other hat on also work with volunteers - this is also an area I am loooking to develop much further for the pilot in using volunteers mush more than we currently do -   I would be interested to see your role description for the project just to compare with ours if you dont mind 

many thanks 


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Hi tracy, i hope the volunteer role description i sent to you via email helped.

Should anyone else be interested please contact us on wellbeing@racc.ac.uk 

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HI Manoj 


Yes sorry to not have replied ( teaching commitments this week have taken over somewhat ) - it was most helpful - As part  of my role I work with general volunteers for our service and throughout the council so it was interesting to see your role description.  AS a result of what I do with supporting council volunteers I have been tasked with expanding the volunteers on the MH Pilot - we ehave a couple that help in sessions but I need to look at expanding this much further. 

I am looking forward to the session durig zoom too. 

Kind Regards