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Questionnaire used for the 2017 CLMH educators survey

This is a Word document copy of the questionnaire DfE and the MHFE Crowd developed to survey educators who were involved in the DfE Community Learning Mental Health research 2015/17.

We asked careers/information, advice and guidance (IAG), learning support and teaching professionals who were paid or unpaid, qualified or unqualified staff to to share their experiences of being involved in the CLMH project.

The intention of the survey was to use the findings to make recommendations about future professional and volunteer training/continuous professional development (CPD) for community learning.

We asked about:

  • experiences of the project
  • qualifications (as the demogaphic information collected)
  • training/continuous professional development
  • the wellbeing in their organisation and their own wellbeing
  • ideas for how to improve things

The survey was anonymous. We presented the questions in short pages so it was easier to complete on a mobile device (unfortunately we cannot demonstrate this in the attached Word format).

Most questions were multiple choice. We presented response options in chronological or A-Z order, to show we intended no hierarchy (i.e. the ones at the top are no more or less important than those in the middle or bottom of a list). Questions inviting text responses took you a little longer, but were probably the most important. This was because we used them to ask people to tell us about their experience, what they thought about something and what they recommended. At the end of the survey we invited people to optionally add any extra comments and/or to upload up to 5 files. 

We want to know what you really think, so we don't ask for your name or email address. We only ask for anonymised information.

Your responses are confidential. As soon as you click 'save and continue' or 'finish' they are encrypted and saved to the secure cloud, on servers in the UK. We ask you which project you were involved in but if you don't want to tell us, there's a 'prefer not to say' option. We will never report the findings in a way that identifies you.

The survey closed on 22 September 2017. 

You can read the findings at: [to be inserted when published in 2018]

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