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Praxis Makes Perfect!

Happy New Year everyone! To kick start 2017 and get my head into gear for the work ahead, I've just been reading a very interresting article about praxis in education and how it should be embedded into everything that we do.

Upon reflection, I believe that we all do much of what Steve Wheeler is saying is already ingrained into what we all do in our everyday work lives. We manage and teach and we observe the impact of what we do and make changes. Sometimes it's done without being conscious of it, to maximise the results we're trying to get. This is the meeting of theory with practice and the ongoing cycle of learning and development. I hope that I'd never continue with the same behaviours if I didn't believe them to be effective and that my practice is constantly evolving as the world around me flexes, including learner needs.

Wheeler expertly quotes his colleague, Oliver Quinlan:

"...your theoretical framework influences your practice, but your experience in the classroom also continues to shape your framework; the two are not separate."

He then concludes by writing: "Praxis is the contextualisation of theory within action. It can, and should pervade every aspect of our professional practice and identity as an educator. It's time to stop thinking about theory and practice as separate concepts. It's time teachers began to meld the two together, so that thinking and action - theory and practice - combine to enable us to create, develop and maintain the best possible learning environments for our students. That's how important praxis is."

Says is all really.

Click here to read the full article.



Linda Buckland's picture

Really useful to read the article - it manages to clarify succinctly the concept of Praxis- which as you say Fiona we are probably all doing on a all of our interactions with learnners. Thanks for the info.

Jessica Russell's picture

Always good to be reminded of this!  Thank you for sharing Fiona.