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positive visualisation

about a month a go i started a part time position within a project that i've been connectd with for about a year.  in conversation yesterday while reviewing and reflecting upon a recent session i found myself discussing how within my own practice i've been reviewing how i use visualisation to help me in new situations.

it's only recently i've been aware of how i use visualisation, even though i knew i was making mental preparations for things yet to come.

being aware of visualisating has made me aware of how in the visualisation i test what potential hazards and problems i might encounter.

spoiler alert ... until recently my technique had had a detremental affect.

in exploring what might potentially be challenges against the succesful completion of the task i had been generating anxiety knots in the moment.  i was literally physically affecting myself by what i was thinking.

as a result i've been reviewing how i can use visualisation in a less anxious manner.  being less anxious allows me to do my job better in the moment and have the capacity to deal and cope with something unexpected.

this has all been possible as a result of watchching the mind over marathon programme and realising i'd been using visualisation in a manner that was potentially counter productive.

now i am starting to use visulation in the manner it is intended to be used.