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Our creative crafts course is creating ideas for wellbeing

We are coming to the end of our first two Creative Crafts courses and they have proved a great success. Our learners have got involved with a variety of creative activities including: decoupage, glass painting, clay work and digital photography. We've had a nice mix of learners on the course. Both self-professed creative types and those who consider themselves without a single creative bone in their body.

The groups have gelled and everyone is getting something from the course. With the focus on fun and doing, learners have been able to spend an enjoyable morning in a relaxed and safe space. It has inspired Abigail with load of ideas of activities that she can do with her daughter. It's inspired Andy to dig out his paint brushes and easel and to resume painting at home which helps to keep his mood steady. Other people such as Maeve really value the social aspect of the course, having a coffee and a chat, which reduces the sense of isolation.

On The Learning Curve project page I have uploaded some images from the digital photography week of our Melksham Creative Crafts course.