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"Now for the science-y bit"?

Hello, I am fairly new in post as a CLMHP coordinator. Last week I attended the BABCP conference to present from a service user perspective but also sit in on some of the lectures, and the week before I participated in the Association for Contextual Behavioural Science World Conference. Why? Because I am keen to make what we offer in our pilot evidence-based, where possible. I've experienced a lot of well-intentioned but potentially iatrogenic treatment, training and other interventions (including assessments). So I'm keen for our work to be informed by science. I appreciate that the pilot itself is a piece of action research to generate practice-based evidence on what works in this context, and I also feel a duty of care to protect potentially vulnerable learners from 'snake-oil'. So I will start sharing protocols of other training I have discovered which we hope to pilot in the FE outreach arena.

First on the list is a transdiagnostic self-management programme for long term conditions developed by the NHS in Scotland (attached).

Interested to know the approaches other people are taking so please share (with permission)!