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New Year - reflection on our project to date.

As we start the New Year and the Spring term it is time to reflect on our progress to date.

August and September was taken with devising and planning a new program of courses to fit with our Group A remit.  Along with additional networking to aid the promotion of our courses, including visits to the Mental Health Nurses who work in all the local surgeries. Other new contacts include the carers unit at the Local Hospital, many of the various local support groups, carers support groups as well as the Local Libraries and community centres. We have also been in regular contact with the family workers in schools to try and reach a younger audience of young parents. I have joined the steering group for the Luton Recovery Partnership and made new contact there too.

We continue to work with a couple of delivery partners from last year who helped us attract learners we might traditionally not reach with the courses we offer. We have tried to expand our provision and have asked delivery partners we work with to develop courses to try to reach a wider audience this year, one being the local football club where we are hoping to increases our male uptake on courses.   See Stats below.

During the early part of the autumn term we delivered a couple of the courses to try and keep momentum going, and although numbers were low, we did engage with learners.  At the same time we continued to look at new options for courses to see if we could attract a wider cohort of learners.

For the start of October we had a program together, and had four main courses taking off, attracting learners, however, the number of learners per course were under what we had hoped for. 

We have looked at and revamped our advertising by updating our own website regularly with any course changes, support information and details.

We have started to have a few referrals from the mental health nurses too, and these are booked on to start courses in the New Year.   

I’ve undergone training and have cascaded this out to others who will be carrying out IAG. I have also delivered the discovering potential wheels I have shared the video that further explains how to use the wheel.

We have our ICT kit so the task now is to really practice using it before the planned IAG sessions very early in the New Year.

An area for me to now develop and promote with greater gusto are the top up sessions, as these have been slow to take off but I am hoping that this will increase as our learner numbers increase.

As a result of feedback received on our course titles, from those who have been through the IAG process, I am looking to re-name some of them for the mid spring and summer term to hopefully attract more learners to those courses.

With IAG sessions planned this week, it is all systems go, lots to look forward to and lots to continue to develop.

Gender split statistics for 15/16 – 68% Female to 32% Male


Gender split 16/17 to date 72% Female to 28% Male – It is hoped working with LFTC we can obtain a more even split moving forward.