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New Q4S website for disabled students in post-16 education

Launched this summer, we thought you'd like to know about Q4S. It's a new website: https://qatrain4students.wordpress.com/ for disabled students in post-16 education that provides advice on:

  • How people's learning skills can be affected by different disabilities (including mental health difficulties) or learning difficulties such as dyslexia or Aspergers Syndrome
  • What students can do to help themselves develop their skills
  • The support and adjustments they can expect at college.

The content can be searched by disability or skill or disability and skill and the results can be downloaded as a PDF. Check out for example the information about mental health difficulties and the mental health difficulties and skills guide (you may need to be patient as this one seems to be a bit slow to download). We think they complement the existing NIACE  You can do it and Should I say? 1 in 4 learner leaflets quite well.

You can sign up to receive regular e-newsletters and some of the other things you'll find on the website are:

  • A skills self-check
  • Written, audio and video case studies and interviews
  • Advice on disclosure
  • Advice about confidentiality
  • Information about students' rights and financial support
  • A section on personal organisation
  • Celebrities with disabilities
  • Student's comments about the information on the Q4S website
  • Links to disability organisations
  • Links to its social networking tools
  • Audio versions of webpages
  • A section on 'disability ettiquette for tutors' which includes a video

For mental health and employment services, we thought Q4S might be a useful signposting information tool to share with people you work with who are thinking about or going to be starting learning. 

For learning providers, maybe you've covered all of the bases already in terms of information for your disbled students but if not, we thought it  could make a useful link on your intranet  and/or in your e-welcome pack (or if you produce a hard copy welcome pack and the ink's not quite dry yet maybe  you've room for a line or two in there)?

Q4S is a project part funded by the European Union Leonardo Lifelong Learning Programme, and has partners in Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and the UK. 

Let us (and Q4S) know what you think of the Q4S website. Just login to MHFE > news > post a comment to this news item.