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Navigate update.

Hello Everyone,

I hope all are keeping chins up as we head towards the final phase of the research.

Our DIY tutor has been on long-term sick since February which threw a bit of a spanner into the works luckily our gardening tutor stepped in and has managed to keep our heads above water.

Our referrals are generally a steady trickle but  we have been doing a bit of outreach and this has proved to be bonus providing a well needed injection of learners.

We have had a piece prepared for a local free paper showing a photograph of one of our learners with some of the things she made on one of our courses along with  a paragraph about how things have improved for her.

We have put togther a leaflet about the "Day In The Life" information that we are all taking  part in and handed it out to our learners on the week 3 assessments.

See you all on Friday

Lin. :-)


Linda Buckland's picture

Sorry for the bullet point type blog -  i jot things down when I remember them.

I forgot to mention that we have a group of learners who have attended different courses that Navigate has delivered who decided to meet at a local community centre where they have coffee and /or lunch and bring along something to do. They share skills learning from each other and new members are continually added; much of the continued success and new blood is down to one of our volunteers who when he is helping at an ongoing course encourages those learners to go along.  It's something tangible for them to continue with once their current course has finished.

That really is it for now,


The group is thriving and there are new members added all the time