A network for anyone with an interest in
adult education and mental health

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PLEASE NOTE: This site is closing 26-Oct-2021.
After then, the domain name will not be renewed, so attempting to access this site will no longer work.

Moderation Policy

 The MHFE crowd (all network members) moderate content as follows:

  • Approving membership of the MHFE e-network - is a manual process iso that we can prevent spammers wherever possible. If in doubt we email applicants and wait for a reply before activating membership. If we do not get a response we 'block' that applicant's email address as a 'spam'
  • Only people who are registered on the site can contact you via the direct message system
  • Only specific people who are registered on the site have can read/post and/or reply to the discussion forums. Membership of some project-based forums is closed or by invitation-only.  
  • Members of the MHFE network moderate discussion forums and news posts daily. We will unpublish or delete any posts that seem to be at odds with the ethos of the network (but we've never had to do that yet) 
  • In cases of 'flaming' or clumsily worded posts we will ‘step-in’ to resolve the issue as quickly and quietly as possible between those involved (we nearly had to do this once in 4 years).
  • Anything that seems to be inappropriate/offensive will be removed immediately and the person informed giving our reason why. A note to this effect may also be posted by us (not naming the person whose contribution we remove).
  • For posts that are ‘ambiguous’, we will ask another network member who we know has a particular interest or expertise to give their judgment whether the material is accurate/fair/offensive. Our first assumption will always be that the author has made an honest mistake/did not know how or where to correct a post or contact us directly about a frustration or complaint
  • We are able to remove people from the website if necessary (we've never had to do it yet). If we remove your content you have the right to complain to us and we will review our decision.

Posts to the News forum 

People registered on the site can post and reply to news items. Please remember that whenever you make a post it triggers a daily digest email to everyone who is signed up to that forum. So, as with emails and forums, if you simply want to say 'thank you' to an individual please use the networking tab in the left hand sidebar to find the individual/s and send them a direct message NOT a news or forum post, because that will trigger an email to everyone - and is so far, the only thing people complain about.

We would expect NEWS items to be directly relevant to our site audience – usually people sharing details of events they are organising and copies of newsletters or articles they have published. We will moderate posts to the news forum in the same ways as for the discussion forum.

Details of training/events

In the spirit of a network of people with common social purpose aims, please ensure your posts are appropriate to the audiences and content of the site. If not, we may remove them.

We are happy for people registered on the site to post details of their own training/events so that MHFE members can share details with their colleagues and/or attend them. It's OK if there is a fee to attend your events but please do not misuse our forum and turn it into a marketing tool for your commercial activity by posting whole programmes of training/consultancy/resources or other activities.

Please remember this is a crowd initiative and no-one has a paid role. 

Personal stories (learners)

We ask learners who want to formally share their personal stories to contact us –rather than post directly. Our aim here to ensure that our ethical principles of beneficence and non-malfeasance are upheld by providing you with help and support to produce your story in a way that:

  • you are happy with
  • explores different ways of sharing your experiences e.g. a focused interview with one of us might work better than trying to write a whole story
  • involves you in any editing process
  • gives us your formal consent
  • means you get something positive out of the experience
  • you know where and how it will appear, e.g. on a Google search that others may download and use it in ways that we cannot control
  • protects you from revealing too much of yourself in public
  • involves some reflection on the experiences you are describing
  • prepares you for any comments your story provokes
  • know the process for asking for it to be removed in the future

We aim to make story sharing a positive and safe experience for adult learners as well as creating resources for the sector and site.

Personal stories (workers)

Can be uploaded directly via a blog or relevant discussion forum – we may then add them to the site content by us (i.e. we will weave it into a story on a page or add it to the resources accompanying a relevant page)

Staff will post a request to the person to ask if we can add it to the ‘public facing’ site content and gain permission to proof-read it, suggest amendments (e.g. anonymising identifying details, references etc.) before obtaining their consent and then upload as appropriate).

Written Articles/resources, images, audio, videos

Accessibility: We adhere (strong word for us but that's because it is a cornerstone of our values as an equalities site) to the ETF ELMAG accessibility guidelines produced by the National Network of FE sector Equalities Networks (NNEN) at http://equalitiestoolkit.com > resources > search 'accessibility guidelines 

Our web content is crowd created in several ways, therefore we:

  • Will ensure that where a source needs to be attributed that this is done and that we have signed permissions/consents.
  • We have a standard consent form for photographs and images and in certain cases we may pay learners/service users an honorarium for any artwork that we use (but they retain the copyright).
  • We carry a disclaimer for the whole site which makes the ‘author’ ultimately responsible for accuracy and that the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of MHFE.

Feedback/comments on/ranking of resources

Anyone who accesses a resource in the virtual library will be able to ‘rank’ it.

People who are registered on the site will be able to post comments on resources and these will remain with the resource.

We will moderate these as and when posted to ensure that there is nothing that requires our comment. If people spot an error/inaccuracy in a resource we will post a response as to how we will deal with/correct  this (if we can, i.e. if it is our resource and in a format that we can update).


People who are registered as members of the community are invited (and occasionally guests who we invite to do so directly) to ‘review’ new resources.

Reviews will be published in  e-bulletins and on the site.

We have guidance on writing reviews and we always offer to support people as part of the process.

Please submit reviews by email to MHFEwhatsnew@gmail.com so that we can check them before publishing them.