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mindfulness and music

in my reflection about week 2 i noted that i felt i needed some help to arrive at a strategy for when i'm on my own and my mind starts to race.  i also spoke of how we'd arrived at a task to do at home in preparation for the next session.

i spent sometime yesterday on you tube listening to possible candidates to share with  the group.  i reflect today that in so doing i ventured into informal mindfulness.  

the process of listening and considering has got me questioning what it is i'm attempting to do.  the question has arose because there are many different ways in which music is used within a film.  so having said that i'm now going to list them so i see what it is i'm thinking :

  • as a way of setting the mood of the film at the beginning
  • as an integral part of the film eg a musical
  • an underscore to a scene, helping us to know how to feel
  • incidental music that actually stands on its own away from the film

so in considering music in films i note that i have retraced my musical relationship to film itself.  for now the earliest piece of music that i connected to as a child was from the film of oliver ....


i have been on quite a journey listening to tunes and to some extent this post is an edit of some of those i first turned to.  the next is the title sequence to where eagles dare.  i watched an interview with ron goodwin, the composer of the film score.  he spoke of how for the title sequence the production required something that allowed for the engines of the plane to be heard.  i really like his response ...


this morning while waking up i recalled this :



this afternoon i've watched the first 16 minutes.  i can see how this most likely had a very big influnence on my when i was younger.  i can;t fully recall the actual impact however just in 16 minutes i can relate to so many tings that the film is doing.

as yet no clear click to take with me on thursday ... however i'm in a different head space and the sun is out.  


it all feels very good right now.


karen.king's picture

Hi Andrew,

Watching this made me think of working in Calgary, Alberta when our Eddie the Eagle particpated  in the 88 Olympics!

Enjoying listening to your journey and I hope to  visit you all this Thursday at Rycote for your Music class (afer my final Blue Sky class).







andrew martyn sugars's picture

it'll be lovely to share stories with you karen :)