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MindfulMark's Blog and the The Mindful Deluge

...The deluge of learners we are experiencing (130 a week study across all our Mindfulness classes) seem to suggest there is a real need for Mindfulness in the community. Moreover we feel we are only just brushing the surface of the need-potential within the city. Every time we offer our services, this seems to set off an avalanche of other oganisations wanting to learn about our classes. Only this last month we have had requests from as far away as Easingwold, plus interest from the local mental heatlh hospital, York College, various Council bodies and the local Job Centre to name but a few.

These are exciting times and we hope to be able to draw these threads together over the coming weeks as we are feeling somewhat 'rabbit in the headlights' from all the attention. In the coming days, Angela and I are hoping to tap into the stratagizing skills of York Council managers. The SOS has been sent! ...


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