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Mental Health First Aid

It has been a while since my role in the reasearch as the co-ordinator came to an end.

I am pleased to say that Derby Adult Learning still has a welbeing programme and Mental Health First Aid continues to grow.

There is more to be done to support this area but we are pushing ahead. Thanks to the project I feel one step closer to mental health being taken to the next level of awareness.  

I personally felt energised and very hopeful during the project. That feeling remains but I miss it terribly. I really enjoyed my time, the rigor and the challenges on the project and am looking forward to change comeing.  


andrew martyn sugars's picture

hi alicia 

great to hear the wellbeing programme is still going on, i often refer to my experience of it in conversation.

i belive that mental health awareness is the increase and remain optimistic for the future.

all the best.




Hi there, when we all do our bit we get one step closer to a more peaceful world. Thank you for sharing and the work you do.

Happy new year