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Learner - Case Study Craft classes

This is an extract from one learners emotional story.  This learner started off with severe and enduring caseness scores.  After the classes the learners scores have been reduced to mild to moderate scores.

'I have suffered with MH issues most of my adult life and up until a few months ago, was in a bad place.  I have just finished 20 sessions of courses with Blackpool Mental Health team who have helped me so much, and made me a bit more aware of my problems and how to cope with them.

The first step was to get a support worker, who has picked me up and taken me places, sometimes just out for a coffee.  I have had agrophobia for the last 5-6 years so this was a massive step for me.  she has enrolled me on adult craft classes and they have helped me so much!  I look forward to them all week and the last few weeks I have been able to make my own way on the bus, to the craft classes.  This is such a huge step for me and even though I meet one of the other ladies on the bus, I set off alone.

At the classes we learn to make crafty things e.g. a Christmas wreath, decoupage box we are then going on to make a sock and a rag rug.  Everyone at the classes are so nice and helpful and the thing I love is that for a couple of hours a week you are normal!  Nobody talks about any problems, you are just part of the group doing your craft project. 

Before I got a support worker I didn't know these classes existed.  They are now a big part of my life.  so a huge thank you to my support worker (named) and my tutor (named)

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