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Learn to Grow Learner feedback

Another positive testistment to the project in St Helens, in the learners own words

The benefits of coming on the courses held by ACL (Adult Community Learning) have thoroughly changed my life. The Christmas crafts and basic creative writing were my first dip into the opportunities available. I had found out about the craft group through a leaflet from the Chrysalis Centre. I contacted ACL and enquired about it and was given an appointment to come in and speak about help that was available. I was welcomed warmly and given a full breakdown of the services and how they can help me. They made me feel comfortable and at ease, explaining that trying things is new and exciting, and if I find it isn’t for me, it won’t be a problem. I was nervous at first but that didn’t last long and the more groups I have taken part in the more people I have met. I was shaking, nervous, stuttering mess when I started but the change has been dramatic. I am now a long way from there. For example today I signed up for a L2 teaching assistant course through ACL. I am very proud of myself and how far I have come. I cannot begin to thank all involved in helping me and having the patience to be there no matter what frame of mind I have been in. I love the person that I am becoming and now have a very positive outlook on life, long may I continue to grow!!!