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Learn to Grow - learner feedback

Positive feedback from one of the learners in St Helens who has successfully found employment, and has taken the time to email our project today... I'd highly recommend the courses to anyone as I've really enjoyed them and they've helped me in ways I didn't realise I needed x  

I had seen an advert for your adult learning courses in the local free paper and something struck a nerve, I’m not one for going the doctor or for taking pills so something in that advert made me think this could help?  I went along to the information session and found myself signing up for a couple of courses still not really knowing if I would attend them.  But I’m so happy that I did, at the time I wasn’t really sure what it was I wanted to achieve but I knew I needed something, some help to feel better, better about myself?  I was nervous attending the first few sessions but the tutors were great and there was no pressure to get involved which for me made me feel comfortable.  For me the courses gave me the confidence to sign up as a volunteer at a local hospice and further confidence to then apply for a job (which I got!)  All of which I wouldn’t have done prior to attending the courses.   

As I said I wasn’t sure what it was I wanted from doing the courses and it wasn’t that I was particularly looking to get back into a full time job,  that has been an added bonus for me.  More importantly for me the courses gave me a window to reflect, time to be me, meet other people and realise ‘I’m not alone’.  I still have issues which I’m dealing with but for me the courses gave me a light, they’ve helped me to start liking myself again, given me confidence and I’ve met some wonderful people, some of which have become great friends..   

I found all the courses very welcoming and enjoyed the relaxed friendly approach of the tutors.