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Knowsley FACE Forward: Starting Over - A Road to New Beginnings

Starting Over - A Road to New Beginnings is a reflection of only the first year of our FACE Forward project.  We need some time to fully reflect on both years given the change of content from generic ACL provision to more specific Group A mental health content.  It is humbling to have worked with so many individuals who have reached out to community and adult education and who tell us that their experience has changed their lives! 

The opportunity for us to provide individuals with hope would not have been possible if this research had not been available.  It has always been incredibly frustrating to evidence the wider impact of community and adult learning given there are no national benchmarks as there are for adult skills provision, however, the personal stories of some of the individuals who have engaged in our FACE Forward activities clearly shout this from the rooftops.  Numbers may present a picture but words can tell the whole story and add true quality to the meaning of 'means' and 'averages'. 

We've been lucky in Knowsley that the staff (Alex and Barbara with myself) who started right at the very beginning of the research are still together at the end.  We have all been on this journey together experiencing the highs and the lows and the question for us is not necessarily about 'have we recovered' but 'how well did we survive'!

Yes I think we did (just) and we will be continuing this journey together to support yet more individuals who are looking to change their lives.  We will be rolling out Reach Out to FACE Forward having learned from all the lessons and constructive debates over the past 2 years and building on these to develop a responsive and continued offer.

Onwards and upwards!